Summer Institutes

Humility and Conviction in Public Life is sponsoring three Summer Institutes for teachers in each year of the grant to address Intellectual Humility in secondary education.

The institute for the summer of 2018 will focus on American Studies and Intellectual Humility and is entitled: Teaching Conviction, Humility, and “the Facts” in the American Studies Classroom.  The Institute will provide an opportunity for teachers of American Studies in the Early College Education Program to come together for the week of July 23-27 to learn methods for navigating the current environment and guiding students in productive and intellectually diverse dialogues about American culture, history, and politics.


In the summer of 2017, the Summer Institute provided a foundation for including philosophical content in science, history, literature and social sciences with the goal of encouraging students to cultivate intellectual humility – an appreciation of their own fallibility, of the variety of positions that may be taken toward controversial questions, and of the importance of developing and critiquing arguments supporting answers to them. (Link here: philosophy for high school students )

In 2016,the first Summer Institute, run in collaboration with the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, focused on issues of genocide and human rights education as a means to foster intellectual humility and other intellectual virtues while also addressing complex historical and current issues (you can find more details here).