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2017 Meetings






January 25th: Glenn Mitoma  and Matt Farley, "The Kettering Foundation and curriculum development". 

February 8: Milagros Castillo-Montoya (NEAG) and Jennifer McGarry (NEAG), “Dialogue Work and Teaching at UConn.”

February 23-24: Deva Woodly (New School), “Reflection Facilitation Workshop.”

March 8: “Humanities in Action” Panel, Facilitator: Aimee Loiselle
Panelists: Shayla Nunnally (Political Science and Africana Studies), Mark Overmyer-Velázquez (History and El Instituto), Chris Vials (English and American Studies), Manuela Wagner (Literatures, Cultures & Languages), Mark Kohan (NEAG), and Melanie Newport (History).

March 22: Working Group Meeting

April 12: Last Meeting of the Semester: Deborah Cornman (InCHIP), “InCHIP: Fostering Innovative Interdisciplinary Research in Health and Health Behavior.”

April 27: End of Year Roundtable and Celebration

2016 Meetings






September 7: First Meeting of the Semester

September 21: Working Group Meeting

October 5: Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh), “Philosophy in Prisons: Critical Thinking and Community of Inquiry.”

October 19: Working Group Meeting

October 25: Deva Woodly (New School), “The Pragmatism of Social Movements.”

November 16: Margaret Rubega (EEB), Robert Wyss (Journalism), Robert Capers (EEB), and Jae-Eun Joo (NEAG), “Public Discourse and Scientific Knowledge.”

November 30: John Sarrouf (Essential Partners), “Dialogue and Humanities-Based Facilitation Training.”