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Principal Investigator

Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch

Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Humanities Institute  

General Research Interests: Truth, democracy, public discourse and the ethics of technology

Co-Principal Investigator

Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane Associate Professor of History and Associate Director for Public Humanities
Research Interests: Early modern British and Irish history

Public Outreach Director

Anke Finger

Anke Finger Assistant Director of Digital Humanities and Media Studies
Research Interests: Modernism, media studies, digital humanities, literature and other arts/interart communication, contemporary aesthetics, and interculturality.

Project Manager

Jo-Ann Waide



Jo-Ann Waide Program Assistant of the Humanities Institute




Financial Assistant, Fiscal Officer to the Templeton grant

Nasya Al-Saidy

Nasya Al-Saidy Economics PhD Student, UConn Storrs
Educational Background: UMass Boston, BA in Economics and Sustainability, 2016
Current Project: My most recent thesis explored the cost-effectiveness of implementing phytoremediation in low-income urban areas, focusing on marginalized communities in the Boston area.
General Research Interests:

Environmental economics, sustainable development, economic disparities. 


Post-Doctoral Researcher

Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson  
Educational Background: PhD, Philosophy UConn, Storrs 2015
Current Project: 
Disagreement, Public Debate, Voicing Dissent, Empathy and Intellectual Humility
General Research Interests: Social Philosophy, Social Epistemology

Communications Co-ordinator

Tiziana Matarazzo

Tiziana Matarazzo  
Educational Background:
PhD Anthropology, UConn
Current Project: Her dissertation has been published as a book entitled “Micromorphological Analysis of Activity Areas at the Early Bronze Age (EBA) Village of TAV Afragola in Southern Italy”. She is also a research scientist affiliated with the Department of Anthropology at UConn, where she continues her earlier research on the Micromorphology of archaeological sites in Southern Italy.
General Research Interests: Early Bronze Age in Southern Italy, Digital Archaeology, Micromorphology

Project Research Assistant

Hanna Gunn

Hanna Gunn Philosophy PhD Student, UConn Storrs
Educational Background: BA Philosophy and English, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. BA Hons Philosophy, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Current Project: Dissertation, "Communicative Injustice and Epistemic Injustice"
General Research Interests: Social epistemology, internet epistemology and ethics, political epistemology

Project Research Assistant

Nathan Sheff

Nathan Sheff Philosophy PhD Student, UConn Storrs
Educational Background: BA in Philosophy and English literature, University of Wisconsin, 2010
Current Project: Dissertation, "Thinking Together"
General Research Interests: Social ontology and epistemology

Project Research Assistant

Dana Miranda

Dana Miranda Philosophy PhD Student, UConn Storrs
Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Bard College, 2014
Current Project: My current work investigates the philosophical significance of suicide, depression and well-being for members of the Africana Diaspora.
General Research Interests: My general research is in political philosophy, Africana philosophy, and 19th century and contemporary European thought.


Project Research Assistant

Matthew Guariglia

Matthew Guariglia  History PhD Student, UConn Storrs
Current Project:  Currently working on my dissertation currently titled, "Learning to Police: Knowledge, Power, and Law Enforcement in Multiracial New York City, 1895-1920"
General Research Interests: State building and power, bureaucracy, history of technology, racial and gender formation.