Paul Bloomfield

Paul BloomfieldProfessor of Philosophy

Paul’s research generally falls within the field of metaethics and he is lately focusing on nature and intellectual structure of the virtues and their relationship to morality, well-being, and happiness.


Anke Finger

Anke FingerAssociate Professor of German

Anke Finger's teaching and research focus on modernism, media studies, digital humanities (DH), literature and other arts, aesthetics, and interculturality.


Ruth Braunstein

Ruth BraunsteinAssistant Professor of Sociology

Ruth's research explores the diverse ways in which ordinary citizens across the political spectrum participate in public life, and the complex role of religion in this process. She has studied conservative and progressive religious advocacy groups, interfaith political coalitions, and debates over evolution in public schools.


Micki McElya

Micki McElyaAssociate Professor of History

Micki’s two current book projects are: Death and Honor at Arlington National Cemetery: The Politics of Mourning, under contract with Harvard University Press, and Liberating Beauty: Feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, and Miss America, under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press.


Lewis Gordon

Lewis GordonProfessor of Philosophy and Africana Studies

Lewis' research in philosophy is in Africana philosophy, philosophy of existence, phenomenology, social and political philosophy, philosophy of culture, philosophy of education, and philosophy of science. Lewis' most recent book is What Fanon Said: A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought (Fordham UP, 2015), and he is completing a series of monographs in such languages as Romanian, Spanish, and French.

Glenn Mitoma

Glenn MitomaDirector of the Dodd Center

Glenn's current projects include a biography of the Lebanese philosopher and diplomat—and prominent UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights author—Charles H. Malik, and an edited documentary history of human rights in the twentieth century.  Glenn is also the book review editor of the Journal of Human Rights, on the national steering committee for Human Rights Educators USA, and a founding member of the Connecticut Human Rights Partnership.


Suzy Killmister

Suzy KillmisterAssistant Professor, Philosophy and Human Rights Institute

Suzy is currently writing a book on personal autonomy, provisionally titledTaking Autonomy's Measure. She is also currently writing a number of paper on the concept of dignity, and the connection between dignity and human rights. 


Hallie Liberto

Hallie LibertoAssistant Professor of Philosophy

Hallie has lately been writing on these topics: promises, exploitation, sexual consent, and the nature and transfers of rights. She has also been working on a series of articles concerning promises.


Jane Gordon

 Jane GordonAssociate Professor of Political Science

Jane is a specialist in political theory, with a focus on modern and contemporary political theory, Africana political thought, theories of enslavement, political theories of education, methodologies in the social sciences, and political theory in film and literature.


Richard Sosis

Richard SosisRichard Sosis Professor of Humanistic Anthropology

Richard's work has focused on the evolution of religion and cooperation, with particular interests in ritual, magic, religious cognition, and the dynamics of religious systems. To explore these issues, he has conducted fieldwork with remote cooperative fishers in the Federated States of Micronesia and with various communities throughout Israel.


Michael Morrell

Michael MorrellAssociate Professor of Political Science

Michael's main research interests examine the connections between empathy and democracy, the effects of direct democratic participation on citizens, and the role of political efficacy in democracy, public opinion, and political behavior. He is currently working on a research project examining the Town Meeting form of government in Connecticut and the implications of the state of the Town Meeting for our understanding of democracy.


Thomas Scheinfeldt

Thomas ScheinfeldtAssociate Professor of Digital Media and Design

Among his recent publications, Scheinfeldt is co-editor (with Dan Cohen) of Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities (University of Michigan Press, 2013) and a contributor to Debates in the Digital Humanities (University of Minnesota Press, 2012). He blogs at Found History and co-hosts the Digital Campus podcast.


Mitch Green

Mitch GreenProfessor of Philosophy

Mitch's current research interests include the evolutionary biology of communication, speech acts and their role in conversation, empathy, self-knowledge, self-expression, and attitude ascription.


Daniel Silvermint

Daniel SilvermintAssistant Professor of Philosophy and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Daniel's research focus is victim action-guidance, and more generally objective well-being and self-regarding obligations in oppressive circumstances.  He is currently working on Looking Out for Yourself.In addition to thinking about resistance and complicity, Daniel is also interested in passing, oppressive body image norms, invisible disabilities, understanding oppressive burdens in light of intersectionality, and the moral emotions of anger and shame.